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Selecting your wedding officiant is an important decision – after all, they will have a huge influence on the tone of the ceremony. You’ll want to make sure that you find someone who is willing to perform the kind of ceremony you are envisioning, or who has a style and belief system similar to your own. And of course, if you want to make it legal, you’ll need to make sure that they are legally able to marry you in your state.

The first thing you and your intended bride or groom must do is decide if you want a religious or secular ceremony. This highly personal decision will obviously impact who will marry you. Secondly, your wedding planner should have experience with officiants that are fitting for your union- they have excellent recommendations with personal relationships that can make sure you have the right person for your special day.


Questions to ask your prospective officiant:

  • How much are we allowed to customize the ceremony? Can we write our own vows?
  • Will you marry us even if we are not current members of your church/synagogue/etc? How do we become members?
  • If we are of different faiths, or one of us is not religious, is that a problem?
  • One of us is divorced, does your religion allow you to marry us?
  • Are we required to attend any classes or counseling before the wedding?
  • Will our non-religious friends be allowed to participate in the ceremony, including giving readings, singing, or (if appropriate) taking communion?
  • How will you be dressed for the ceremony?

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Choosing a wedding date can be quite a challenge. You have to choose a date which works for you and your guests. You need to choose a wedding date that is in the season of your preference. And, you may even want to pick a day that is fun and easy to remember. Whatever your decision, make your wedding date a good one. You’ll remember it forever!

Finding a venue can be easy if you have a wedding planner with connections. At Events by Cori we have a page dedicated to featuring the venues that we work closely with while also highlighting the beautiful weddings that we’re so proud of! Visit the venue gallery here: and begin researching all our favorite spots!


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It ultimately comes down to personal choice. But there are a few things to consider; how many bridesmaids do you want, what will your budget stretch to, who is going to be on hand for dress fittings and advice, who is your closest confidant and how well will the girls get along.

Choose wisely and ask yourself who couldn’t you do without on the biggest day of your life – and there will be your answer. It’s also important not to feel dictated to by tradition or what other people think. If you only want one bridesmaid but have two very special friends both worthy of the maid-of-honor title, then have two maid-of-honors and one bridesmaid – it’s entirely up to you. And if you’re not particularly close to your future husband’s three sisters, ask them politely if there’s another role within the wedding they’d be happy to takeover, such as handling the guest book, ushering, or handing out programs.


If you’re looking for a great caterer service, Villa Russo might just have what you need to make of your party a moment you’ll never forget.

This is your special day and should be comfortable along with exciting and joyous, so enjoy it with the right entourage!

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Keep your wedding on track with an organized binder filled with worksheets, contact lists, calendar appointments or any inspiration that you find along the way. You’ll feel less stressed by having all of your wedding information at your fingertips, ready for you to access at a moment’s notice. Here’s how to create the wedding binder that’s fit for you:


  1. Purchase a sturdy, three-ring binder with inner pockets and at least a two-inch spine, depending on your wedding size and scope.
  2. Place dividers inside the binder and type tabs or labels to keep each section organized. Use sections to match specific planning categories, such as guest lists, invitations, wedding dress, vendors and catering. Include a business card sleeve page in the vendor section to hold business cards. Place several clear, zippered pouch pages in the back of the binder to house invitation samples, receipts, contracts, pens and color swatches.
  3. Place extra pens and a calculator in the zipper pouches of the binder and collect magazine articles, images etc in another zippered pouch to reference later. (Remember to snap photos with your phone/camera when  you see something inspirational that you’d like to reference later)
  4. Keep a checklist as the first page of the binder as a reminder of what you’ve achieved and what you still need to complete.      wedding-planning-binder
  5. Add additional inserts to the binder under each tab based on your wedding needs. Include the checklists, blank pages for notes and a calendar for you to fill in important dates and deadlines. Use a hole punch on documents such as guest lists, vendor brochures, honeymoon travel paperwork and other various information to include in the binder.
  6. Fill in the wedding planning calendar with important dates. Mark dates and times for vendor appointments, wedding gown fittings, hair and makeup appointments, payment dates, bridal parties and honeymoon travel dates. Include timelines and reminder notes to yourself to ensure you do not forget important details, such as when to apply for your marriage license or book your honeymoon tickets.
  7. Keep the binder with you at all times — bring it in the car, when away from home — just in case you get a call, meet a potential vendor or need to check a date. Carry a small notebook in your purse, when in the stores, to jot down any information you want to remember to include in your wedding binder.
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The Franciscan Gardens is one of my favorite venues throughout Orange County. For Amanda & Zach’s wedding we worked closely with Ashley Pyle from Franciscan Gardens and all the vendors did an outstanding job to make this day really special for the bride and groom. This venue is located in downtown San Juan Capistrano and certainly maintains that quaint and private feel whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery during the ceremony and dancing beneath the stars at the reception.

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Venue: Franciscan Gardens
Officiant: Don Johnson
Catering: 24 Carrots
Photographer: Carly Daniel Photography
Florals: Greenleaf Designs
Specialty Linens:


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Angela & Mitch were a dream couple to work with. Both of their families were so excited to be a part of the big day. Angela & Mitch’s two labrador retrievers were included in the ceremony and cleverly tied in at each table with black & yellow lab salt shakers that kissed! Angela made the wedding favors with soy candles in a small mason jar tied with twine and a rose embellishment.  It was a beautiful day in San Clemente with friends and family!


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Wedding Planner- Events by Cori-

Venue- The Historic Cottage-

Invitations- Liz King-

Catering- Iva Lee’s Catering-

Floral- The Tangled Vine-

Photographer- Melinda Kim Photography-

Film- Central Studios-

Music- Kevin Miso-

Mission San Juan Capistrano & Mission Viejo Country Club

Matthew and Jordan were a dream to work with. They wanted a traditional Catholic wedding with services held at the Mission San Juan Capistrano and the reception held at the Mission Viejo Country Club. The color scheme was a royal purple with yellow accents and the end-result was stunning.


This Wedding will be featured in “Real Weddings” in the upcoming issue of OC Bride Magazine

Venue:  Mission Viejo Country Club

Photography: Jamie B Photography

Floral: My Flower Affair

Rentals:    Signature Party Rentals

Cake:  It’s All About the Cake

Entertainment: Mike & Brian Productions

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The Unveiled OC Bridal Show invited wedding professionals that were hand selected to participate and Events by Cori was chosen this year! We were fascinated by all the beautiful tables and arrangements, with special treats and beverages from top catering companies in Orange County. There were so many new and innovative ideas to take away from this special day! Thank you for having us Unveiled!

cori-unveiledUnveiled OC Bridal Show:


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At Events by Cori we’ve designed weddings at many locations all over Orange County and Casa Romantica continues to be a breathtaking wedding favorite. Built in 1927, the Casa Romantica house and gardens are perched on a hill above the San Clemente pier. The location and architecture, including the amazing ocean views, gives ample opportunity to create some excellent photos.  The Casa Romantica grounds offer a unique ability to host both the wedding ceremony and the reception on the bluff or in the gardens- it’s so close to the beach that you can hear the ocean waves crashing! The venue is spacious; plenty of places for your guests to walk around and explore.  For example, guests can explore  the butterfly garden, the inside of the Spanish-style home, the gardens surrounding the house and exhibit rooms and the outdoor amphitheater. We love working with this venue and would encourage any of our brides to contact us today for a personalized tour!

Sunset Smile

Shadow Solo on Terrace

Car #6

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